What are vouchers? What are they for? How are they used?

Vouchers are a username/password pair with which a user can be authenticated on a hotspot and gain access to the Internet. Each voucher can be customized with individual settings and restrictions.

Vouchers are usually used in situations where it is necessary to identify a client who, for one reason or the other, cannot be authenticated by SMS or Caller-Id, or when it is necessary to identify your own employees with specific Internet access settings (typically, this is about higher access speed).

There are two types of restrictions: time limit and traffic limit. They are set when creating vouchers – in the “voucher type” field.

Time-limited vouchers are valid for a certain amount of time after activation. For example, if your guest checked in for 2 days – you can generate a 48-hour voucher for him. After this period, his Internet access will be blocked.

Traffic-limited vouchers imply that Internet access will be blocked after a certain amount of data has been consumed.

Also, you can assign a specific speed on your hotspot for each voucher.

You can generate more than one voucher at a time, but no more than 50 at a time and 1000 in a day. After generating the required number of vouchers, you can immediately print them out. Non-activated vouchers can be deleted.

Information about a voucher user can be entered directly into the system for storage of details about this user. Or a filled tear-off coupon can be kept in paper form for at least 6 months. This will ensure compliance with current legislation.

A voucher also has a validity period. For example, you issued a client a 1 GB limit, but you don’t want the client to use the voucher for more than one week.