Free features

During authorization, the client will be required to fill out a poll. This enables you to gather the data you need. For example, the client will be expected to enter his/her name and email address.

Black list
In this list, you can enter the phone numbers and MAC addresses of devices that cannot be authorized.

Redirecting to your website
The guest is automatically redirected to a specified site after authorization.

Page containing your ad
Enable your ads to be shown during guest authorization.


Paid features

Auto disconnection of visitors
Connection – $15, subscription fee – $5/month
It periodically disconnects visitors based on a timer. It is most often used for automatic ad display.

Day account
Connection – $15, subscription fee – $8/month
It disconnects visitors after they have exceeded their time or traffic limits. For example, you can  restrict your visitors internet use to only 1 hour in a day or allow them to download a limit of 300 megabytes in a day. If this limit is reached, Internet access is blocked until the next day.