Are there a particular list of Internet service providers I must choose from?

No, you can choose any Internet service provider – as long as it provides access to the Internet.


Do you provide a trial period?

Yes, we offer a free-trial period of one week from the date of registration.


How much does a connection cost? Do you have any hidden payments and charges?

We don’t charge any fee for connection and we have no hidden fees and charges. You only need to pay a monthly subscription fee based on your chosen tariff plan.


Why are your prices lower than your competitors?

We can afford to offer such low prices because our company has know-how that enables us to keep prices down. We are not interested in how our competitors are working as our focus is on ensuring that our product is profitable and meets the needs of our users.


How is your monthly subscription fee charged? For each point or for each organization?

The monthly subscription fee is charged per location. For example, if you have a hotel with 10 points, the monthly subscription fee will be $20. If you have 4 hotels in different places, the subscription fee for each hotel will be $20, giving you $80 (4×20) in total.


How is the monthly subscription fee deducted?

The monthly subscription fee is deducted proportionally everyday. You can block HotSpot in your Personal Area. If this is done, your subscription fee will no longer be deducted. In this case, identification will be disabled.


How much will a client pay for SMS authentication?

It all depends on the tariff plan. SMS is free for unlimited tariff plans.


How do I add funds to my account?

You can do so in any way convenient for you. We accept Visa/MasterCard credit cards, bank transfer or electronic currencies.


Must I have a dedicated IP to work with your service?

No, it’s not necessary.


What hardware does your system work with?

Our system supports all routers that can be installed with the open-wrt and dd-wrt firmware. It also supports Mikrotik. We are constantly working on increasing the list of supported hardware.


Which router should I use?

It all depends on the situation. If you don’t have a router yet, we recommend buying Mikrotik. If you already have a router, you need to check if it is on the list of supported devices.


Why do you recommend Mikrotik routers?

Mikrotik routers are more powerful and reliable than the usual household routers. They can withstand heavy loads and handle a large number of connections. They can reanimate themselves in the event of system failures. They have been tried and tested. Usually, working with Mikrotik routers involves three actions: connect, configure and forget.


Which Mikrotik should I use?

Mikrotik 941 will be suitable in a room with a small load of up to 15 people. Mikrotik 951 will be enough for an average load. If you have a large load and plan to have 200 active HotSpot connections, then you should go for Mikrotik 2011.


Why don’t you support other routers not listed in the recommended hardware list?

These routers are not supported by third-party firmware, such as open-wrt and dd-wrt. This means you will need to install additional software to be able to work in the HotSpot mode of the controller. This can’t be done on a native firmware. But such routers (which are not suitable for the controller HotSpot) can be used as access points connected to the controller. This will increase Wi-Fi coverage.


Will your system work if the traffic is aggregated from several mobile network operators?

If traffic is aggregated from several operators, you need to configure access to our Radius server from one of the mobile network operators, otherwise subscribers can often be disconnected.


How can I connect multiple routers so that the system can work in a large area?

You need to configure one router as the controller HotSpot, and connect the other routers to it as access points. DHCP should be disabled in the other routers before connecting them to the HotSpot.


How can I get acquainted with the functionality of my Personal Area? Is there a demo version?

You can register on our website. This will not take you more than 20 seconds.


Can the authorization page be branded?

Yes, you can do this in your Personal Area.
You can upload your background (no more than 3000*2000px and 300kb), logo or banner (480x160px). After subscriber identification, auto ad display can be enabled. Pages with adaptive design adapt themselves to the screen size of your device.


Is the subscriber redirected after authorization?

Yes, the client will be redirected. In your Personal Area, you can specify the site to which the subscriber will be redirected.


How many devices can be connected to one phone number?

You can connect up to three subscriber devices to one mobile number. For example, a laptop, tablet and mobile phone.


How do I address the https issue?

There is no way to intercept https traffic. This is the essence of the secured protocol. We cannot replace the certificate in any way. None of the developers of the controller HotSpot currently have any solutions to this.


How do you redirect a client to several sites after authorization?

In the HotSpot settings, in the Redirect link item, add a space between the different sites. With each new authorization, the client will be redirected to the next site in this list, and so on in a circle.